Vuejs Development

At Doodle Labs, we love exploring the latest developments in technologies so we couldn't resist trying out Vuejs. An open-source, progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and applications. It was released in 2014 by Evan You, a former Google developer who worked on AngularJS and decided to exclude its difficulties and build something lightweight. Not just for web interfaces however, Vuejs is also used both for desktop and mobile app development. 

JavaScript frameworks offer powerful ways to use the web browser, allowing us to build awesome web applications, even ones that look and feel like native mobile apps. Web Apps like this are relatively new and utilising all of their features we can create what is called a Progressive Web Application (PWA). Doodle Labs were early adopters of the PWA and Vuejs framework. We firmly believe that this is the future of app development and perhaps even that the days of the native app could be numbered (bold statement I know).

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