Tech Consultancy

Website Auditing

Do you want to generate more leads for your business? Are you getting the level of traffic that you need? Does your website feel slow? Doodle Labs' website auditing service will identify the areas which are inhibiting your website from performing at it's highest standard. 

Website performance is extremely pertinent when it comes to search engines. Google, for example, will do its own website auditing; testing how fast your site loads and then use this in its decision-making process of where to rank your website in the search results. If your website is slow Google will rank your site lower down the list, costing your business precious leads and conversions.

We will perform assessments of your web presence and provide suggestions on how it can be improved, helping to boost your rankings and gaining you more leads. We will help you implement the changes that are required, whether they be code changes, leveraging caching, resizing images, minifying code and more.

Poor performance not only affects your visibility in search engines, but it also affects your customer's experience which can lead to them forming a negative opinion of your service, company or brand as a whole. Make contact with us to find out how our website auditing can help to make your website perform at its best for your business.

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