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Linux is a server operating system much like Microsoft Windows server but it’s totally free under an open-source licence. Traditionally a cult system reserved only for NASA and those who live in their parent's basements – this is simply not the case today.

Linux is an incredibly robust system which powers many businesses online or on-premise deployments and its popularity within more traditional businesses is most definitely on the rise.

Doodle Labs' engineers have expert knowledge of Linux and have built some of the Channel Islands largest telecommunication networks, supporting millions of pounds of revenue globally. If you're looking to use Linux then we're here to advise on your adoption path, provide you with the very best training and help with troubleshooting services.

We are very familiar with the following open-source platforms:

CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian / Gentoo

MySQL, BIND, NTP, Apache, NGINX, Spacewalk, Ansible.

We even offer managed services where we can fully run your network or cloud application on your behalf by taking care of patching, backup, monitoring, maintenance and more.

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