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At Doodle Labs, our Infrastructure monitoring is second to none. We use Zabbix, an open-source Enterprise-grade Network Monitoring System (NMS) that rivals any commercial alternative and can be configured in a variety of ways. It can monitor your network and server infrastructure 24/7. The main benefit is that the monitoring is done quietly in the background alerting you of any issues when they occur or even before! Another benefit is that it can also be used for capacity planning and trend analysis.

Zabbix can be made to monitor anything, whether it’s a Windows server, user workstation, Linux servers, printers; it can speak SNMP or it’s own native protocol. We can monitor disk space, availability, memory consumption – we’ve even had it alerting us on bitcoin prices!

Our engineers have deployed Zabbix for both large and small scale applications. We can help with fresh deployments on-site or in the cloud. We can also help with integration and monitoring of specific scenarios through custom script development.

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