Managed Services

Web Hosting Services

At Doodle Labs, we are Web Hosting specialists, building, managing and maintaining our own web servers instead of using other providers. This means that we are always in control and if anything requires attention we are there to provide it instantly. Meaning that you won't have to wait on responses from support tickets from third party providers.

Whether you require a shared or dedicated server, we provide web hosting solutions for projects of all sizes and requirements. With dedicated servers, we focus on ensuring optimum security by using Web Application Firewalls and other such technologies that improve security. We can also help you scale your application through clustered, highly available configurations.

All of our hosting products are monitored 24/7 with Zabbix. We set thresholds that notify us if there is going to be a problem with your site/application before the problem even occurs, enabling us to take corrective action before you know about it. Moreover, we carry out regular patching on all of our web hosting servers and your content management system in order to protect them against the latest security threats. 

All DoodleLabs hosting products include backup services of both any code and databases. If you would like to chat about using our fast and reliable web hosting services then make contact with us today.

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